Investment Monitoring

The strongest investment structure design and the best line-up of managers are only as good as the process that ensures that each of these components meets the expectations set for them over time. Our investment monitoring reports document the due diligence process and an analysis is made based on the standards set forth in the investment policy statement. Since we use an unbiased and objective process, we present information to guide the decision-making process in a clear and prudent manner, thus leading to outcomes that align with a client’s long-term investment objectives.

In reporting and analyzing performance, PlanPilot utilizes a combination of the most advanced proprietary and third party tool multi-factor performance and risk models, which enable clients to make performance comparisons versus peers and benchmarks, analyze style consistency and identify the sources of return and risk. Our qualitative analysis focuses on the assessment of organizational stability, consistency of investment approach, professional turnover, growth in assets under management, costs and other factors that can affect future performance. Written commentaries provide clients with insight into the various factors influencing the performance of their plan.

Communication, understanding and consensus are all critical components in effectively managing a retirement plan. Our consultant’s frequent discussions and meetings with staff, committee and board levels support conclusions and recommendations in our reports and presentations.

Investment Monitoring


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