Investment Policy Statement

PlanPilot creates an Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) that sets the plan objectives, authorities and responsibilities, addresses investment fees, 404(c) compliance and establishes overall controls consistent with ERISA, DOL and relevant regulatory legislation. The policy establishes a prudent procedure and process for plan management, monitoring and investment monitoring decisions.

An IPS provides plan fiduciaries with a disciplined framework and set of established, prudent standards for the management and oversight of the retirement plan. The policy develops the due diligence and decision making process for sound plan governance.

The Benefits of a Well-Developed IPS:

• Establishes a framework of fiduciary roles and responsibilities

• Provides a foundation for how the investment program will be    administered by defining risk and return objectives

• Creates a record of decisions and helps avoid poor decision making by    applying a disciplined and systematic investment approach, which    increases the likelihood of meeting investment objectives

• Outlines the framework for evaluating investment performance:
» Establish performance standards and benchmarking for the investment options
» Action plans in the event performance standards are not met over the specified time periods
» Establish timelines, including probationary periods, for selecting and deselecting funds

Investment Policy Statement


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