Fee and Expense Scorecard

Many fee structures have been hidden and are complex to understand. As a plan sponsor your fiduciary responsibility is to attest that participant fees are reasonable. Our fee analysis provides our clients with the complete understanding of what they and their participants are paying and how best to pay for these services. Total fee transparency enables the plan sponsor to understand plan services, and when applicable, negotiate increased services and more competitive and reasonable fees.

PlanPilot’s Fee Analysis and Fee ScoreCard provides an analytical framework for decomposing ongoing defined contribution expenses into their component parts. This Scorecard unravels the fee complexity often apparent in many plans and identifies total fund fees, expense ratios, wrap fees, 12b-1, and revenue sharing arrangements and the services covered for those fees.

Through our analysis we assist in addressing many of the questions plan sponsors face as fiduciaries:

• I recognize that I am required to attest to the “reasonableness” of plan fees, but who can assist me    in this determination?
• What are the total ongoing expenses associated with the plan?

• What is the true cost of recordkeeping and is it competitive?
• How do investment option fees compare to those of my peers?

Fee and Expense Scorecard


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