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Investing Responsibly for your Participants
March 10, 2015
10am-11am (CT)

Making your Service Provider Search Effective
March 24, 2015
10am-11am (CT)

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Until recently, higher education institutions had largely avoided the wave of retirement plan related litigation that many other market segments have been facing. Over the past week, no fewer than eight higher education institutions have been named in lawsuits that allege various items including the claim that plan participants paid an excessive amount of fees and that plan sponsors breached their duty to monitor plan-related fees.

When it comes to ERISA, process is critical, yet even the most diligent plan sponsors can make mistakes. Since courts focus on procedural prudence, fiduciaries must consider their underlying processes, procedures, and documentation when making decisions. In short, your best defense against legal action is developing a prudent process, then following your established process and documenting your discussions and actions.

This short, “to the point” webinar is ideal for Finance and HR professionals looking to gain insight on increasing their institution’s governance structure. Further, our webinar is focused on non profit plans and not retirement plans in general. We understand the unique needs of our non profit clients, and we will share ideas on how you can adapt to increase your fiduciary protection.

Allen Steinberg, ERISA Attorney
Mark Olsen, Managing Director at PlanPilot

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