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Target-Date Funds Download PDF

It’s Time to Take a Closer Look

Over the past few years, retirement plans have seen significant changes in their investment
structures, as well as the level of fiduciary liability and risk for plan sponsors. One of the biggest areas
of growth is target-date funds.

Plan Governance Download PDF

How to Build and Run a Retirement Plan Committee

For any retirement plan, establishing an effective decision-making group fosters more diverse ideas and opinions. It also challenges the status quo to help create a more successful plan. That’s why an important first step in fulfilling plan governance requirements is establishing a retirement plan committee.

Socially Responsible Investing Download PDF

An Introduction to SRI in the Defined Contribution Arena As plan sponsors assess investment options for their participants, they consider participants’ age, demographic, level of financial education, and other types of quantifiable data. And increasingly, plan sponsors are considering their participants’ societal values when developing investment menus to craft the best array of options for their employees. Socially Responsible Investing, or SRI, is a growing area in the investing arena.

White Papers

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